Chasing Eddie (Golden Gate Love Stories #3)

Title: Chasing Eddie (Golden Gate Love Stories Book 3)
Author: Frank W. Butterfield
Publisher: Frank W. Butterfield
Release Date: February 10, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 152
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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"Chasing Eddie" takes place in the Nick Williams and Carter Jones universe (the first book in the Nick Williams Mystery series is "An Unexpected Heiress" set in 1953) and while Nick and Carter have passed, their legacy is being carried on by Bob Jenkins and Mario Ossler who have inherited their massive fortune and charitable inclinations.

If you aren't familiar with the Nick Williams series or have not read the second book in the Golden Gate Love Stories series "Their Own Hidden Island," you may be a bit lost reading this one as a stand-alone.

In "Chasing Eddie" Bob is following in Nick Williams' footsteps by playing matchmaker - in this case, 52-year-old life coach Eddie and newly-retired 35-year-old football player Witt Hall. The men share a Texas upbringing, but while Eddie has been out and proud since 18, Witt is deeply conflicted due to his uber-religious parents. Eddie wants to help Witt figure out his sexuality, his relationship with his parents, his post-retirement plans - you know, just a few details here and there.

There's anger and distrust, followed by insta-love and an abrupt coming-out which feels very haphazard given that we really don't know either character. We get Eddie's POV only throughout and neither character seems fully-fleshed out so it is difficult to really buy into their love story nor the ending where the MCs are discussing major future plans within just a few days of knowing one another. Also the plot device that brings Nick Williams into the story feels contrived. Bottom line - while I enjoy the Nick Williams universe, this particular story just did not work for me and I give "Chasing Eddie" 3 stars.

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