Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case (Jon's Mysteries Case #1)

Title: Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case (Jon's Mysteries Case 1)
Author: AJ Sherwood
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: March 22, 2019
Genre(s): Paranormal, Mystery
Page Count: 290
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

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AJ Sherwood is a new-to-me-author, but this book definitely put them on my radar. Sherwood does an amazing job of world building by giving us a lightly alternate universe where psychics and the police work hand-in-hand to solve crimes. Each psychic has a different set of skills; Jon sees auras and meridian lines and while he can't read minds, he pretty much knows if someone is lying and other little things, like if they're a serial killer.

When Jon meets prospective employee Donovan at the office, he's immediately blown away by the brilliant colors emanating from this huge, scary looking thug. Simply put, Donovan is the most kind, generous, protective man he's ever met. And yup, the sheer brilliance of his aura makes Jon glad he's wearing his protective shades. Donovan quickly becomes Jon's bodyguard and the two men work on solving a variety of cases while not-so-slowly falling in love.

Sherwood fleshes out this alt-universe as the story moves along and I found myself really engrossed in the plot ... although honestly the murder/mystery solving was perhaps my least favorite part of the book. Not that it wasn't interesting, but getting Jon's POV, learning more about this new world, getting to meet the various characters (especially Donovan's family who shines as brightly as he does) and slowly unraveling Donovan's backstory ... that is the best part of this book.

Well, that and the sweet romance between Jon and Donovan. For a psychic, it sure takes Jon a while to see that Donovan has a crush on him that could be seen from space. There are no overly graphic sex scenes but plenty of cuddling and bonding and straight-forward communicating, and it's all kinds of perfect.

I only have a few small things to grouse about - Detective Solomon is unbelievably awful as Jon's nemesis-of-sorts, and the book needs another round of editing to catch some awkward and/or incomplete sentences. But overall, this book is a great start to a really quirky series set in a fascinating universe populated by interesting characters, plus lots of snark, plenty of detective-y stuff, and okay .... just a bit of shooting.

 4.5 stars and a Recommended Read.

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