Mainly by Moonlight (Bedknobs and Broomsticks #1)

Title: Mainly by Moonlight: Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1
Author: Josh Lanyon
Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing, Inc.
Release Date: August 1, 2019
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Murder/Mystery/Magic
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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A San Francisco Police Comissioner with a Scottish surname? Check. Coupled with a sexy partner / fiance considerably younger than him? Check. Murder, mystery and mayhem ensue as they get involved in solving crimes? Yup, another Check. Oh, and the young fiance practices The Craft (Witch, that is) occasionally and has a family of quirky crafty characters. I quickly got a "McMillan & Wife / Bewitched" vibe from this tale, and had to laugh when reading Josh's authors note: "I wanted to write something perhaps a little light and more romantic than I typically do - a cozy, sexy mystery with, er, witches - sort of like Bewitched meets McMillan and Wife meets Josh Lanyon."

Kudos to Lanyon for the seamless world-building that quickly draws us into the realm of witchcraft, with Cosmo Saville being the heir to the esteemed Abracadantes line. After a positively whirlwind romance (fueled by a love spell, unknown to Cosmo), Cosmo finds himself 2 days away from his wedding, embroiled in a magic-related murder mystery and desperately hoping that his fiance John will come to love him on his own.
John is way too lightly-fleshed out here, and I'm hoping we get more in-depth character development in the next book in the series as we only get Cosmo's POV throughout. There is an odd-sort of chemistry between the two but we know so little of their background together that it is hard to become invested at this point in their romance.

The book needs another round of editing as there are many mangled sentences, and I must admit that the whole murder/mystery part of this book leaves me a bit ... uninterested, but there was enough of a spark with this unlikely romance, and tantalizing hints that John Galbraith's Scottish heritage may hold some surprises, that I am willing to read the next book in the series "I Buried a Witch," very appropriately releasing around Halloween, 2019. 3.5 stars.

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