Two Man Station (Emergency Services #1)

Title: Two Man Station (Emergency Services Book 1)
Author: Lisa Henry
Publisher: Fox Love Press
Release Date: March 22, 2018 (Second Edition)
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Law Enforcement
Page Count: 273
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

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If you are a fan of books set in Australia, I think you'll definitely enjoy Two Man Station. The pace of the story is a bit slow, but you really get the opportunity to sense the vastness of the country, its challenges and its mindset, which is an important aspect of the story told by Lisa Henry.

Gio is "promoted" from a cushy high-pressure / high-reward job on Australia's Gold Coast to a small two-man station in the Outback. Basically, Gio and Jason are the only two law enforcement officers for a vast span of land, with any back-up (advanced medical, more law enforcement officers, fire services) hours away in the next largest town. They each have a small house, with a dirt yard, within view of the station. Everyone knows everyone else and while Richmond is a close community, there are the typical problem individuals, unspoken-of spousal abuse, petty criminals, ladies who tend to drink just a bit too much on Bingo Night, etc. Being the law in Richmond is a fine line between following the letter of the law and trying to live and work peaceably in the community.

Gio left his other post under questionable circumstances and his past continues to hound him in Richmond. It takes a while for Gio to get used to Richmond, and it takes just as long for Jason to learn to trust Gio and know 100% for certain that they each have the other's back. And it takes even longer for the two men to figure out their sexual relationship, which starts out as friends-with-benefits and gradually moves into something much more. The ending is left very much HFN but I can easily see Gio and Jason in a long loving relationship. And Jason's pretty wonderful, realistically portrayed kid Taylor is a real joy and I like thinking of how their family relationship will grow.

4 strong stars for Two Man Station. I recommend this book and look forward to the next book in the series.

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