When Everything is Blue

TitleWhen Everything Is Blue
Author: Laura Lascarso
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: September 28, 2019 (Second Edition)
Genre(s): Young Adult, Coming of Age
Page Count: 216 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

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When Everything Is Blue is a coming of age / coming out story told from the point of view of 16-yr-old Theo:
Being horny and almost sixteen is the absolute worst. Take it from me, Theodore Wooten III, resident expert in the spontaneous boner. The cause of my lovesickness: Christian Mitcham. The cure: hell if I know.
With his sun-bleached hair, warm brown eyes, and devil-may-care attitude, people gravitate to Chris like sugar ants on a soda can, me included. He’s been my best friend since sixth grade when some neighborhood punks held me down on the sidewalk and tried to spit in my eyes.
After an impromptu camping trip where the two guys jerk each other off, Theo assumes Chris is straight and Chris thinks Theo believes it was all a big mistake. Enter Asshole Dave, a new guy at school, who comes between Theo and Chris and things get complicated and humiliating.

This is my first Laura Lascarso book and color me impressed! Laura's writing style takes you by the hand and gathers you immediately into the story. Her prose is not flowery or overindulgent and she does a wonderful job of character development. Chris and Theo's friendship is so solid and real and the way it moves into a romantic relationship just feels right.

The secondary characters are so beautifully created, and your heart breaks for Uncle Theo - spending his declining years in nursing care - giving his namesake an invaluable lesson in the sorrows of keeping secrets. The pace and flow of the story is just right and the ending gives the reader some interesting possibilities. I would love a sequel to Chris and Theo's story, as well as getting Dave's story. 4.5 stars.

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