Adam Bomb (Dreamspun Desires #97)

Title: Adam Bomb
Author: Kilby Blades
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: January 21, 2020
Genre(s):  Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 250
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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Adam and Levi have been friends since childhood when Levi's immigrant parents worked for Adam's father, a very successful hotelier (think Hilton).  Adam is not only a billionaire, but is incredibly attractive and people basically stop in awe as he walks into a room.  Levi has been in love with Adam since forever, and after one brief interlude when they were about 20, they have been platonic friends, albeit friends that cuddle and caress.

When Adam and his sister becomes co-CEOs, he decides to come out publicly as bisexual, and asks Levi, now a renowned photographer, to do a series of publicity photos.   Being together brings up all those old feelings and Levi struggles with Adam once again trying to take control of his life.  What follows is Levi dealing with a lot (a lot) of internal struggle.  Can Levi survive Adam returning to his NYC base of operations while Levi remains in San Francisco? If they become lovers, will they forever destroy their friendship?

These are the questions that Levi mulls over (and over, and over)  and while I like the premise of the story, getting into the author's writing style is not seamless, as she doesn't always come right out and state something; at times, I had to read a passage several times to figure out exactly what she meant, or what had happened. (Of course, this could just be me, and YMMV.)

The one thing that is not in doubt is Adam and Levi's sexual chemistry - it's positively combustible - and yet Levi seems continually amazed that all his friends already assume that Adam and he have long been friends with benefits.  The book ends with a great epilogue / HEA and my rating is 3.5 stars for "Adam Bomb."

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