Body at Buccaneer's Bay (Secrets and Scrabble #5)

 Body at Buccaneer's Bay (Secrets and Scrabble #5)
Author: Josh Lanyon
Publisher: Just Joshin Publishing
Release Date: December 18, 2021
Genre(s): M/M Cozy Mystery
Page Count: 223
Rating: 4 stars out of 5 

While diving an old shipwreck, Ellery and Jack find a dead body - hardly a surprise anymore due to Ellery's proclivity for murder and mayhem on Buck Island - however, this one is in an old-fashioned diving suit and there are no outstanding missing person reports. And all this in the midst of Buck Island's annual Race Week.

And yet all this faded into the background for me personally as I was enthralled by Jack finally meeting Ellery's parents, a resolution of sorts in the feud between Nora and Kingston Peabody at the Crow's Nest bookstore, Jack meeting one of his exes, Watson's continuing doggy antics, and most importantly the comfortable domesticity between Jack and Ellery: 
"Hey, I've been thinking about what you were saying last night," Ellery leaned against the counter, watching Jack pour coffee into two mugs.
Jack threw him a quick look.
"Er, not that," Ellery said hastily, "Although, yes, that. For sure." 
Jack bit back a smile. Then his brows rose and he held up Ellery's I woke up like this Disney Princess mug.
And not to mention, the news that Christopher Holmes (from Lanyon's excellent Holmes & Moriarity series) will be coming to the Crow's Nest for a book tour.  Or as Nora and Ellery discuss (excerpts from their conversation):
"Christopher Holmes." 
"Never heard of him."
"He wants to come here? Won't any other bookstores let him sign?"
Nora didn't bother denying it was an odd choice.
"He must be crazy."
"Well, I mean, if he wants to come, okay," Ellery said reluctantly.
Nora murmured, "I'll let them know how thrilled we are."
In the midst of all this, I must admit the murder mystery plot had a lot of competition! This is such an enjoyable series that I anxiously await the next two books (slated for publication in 2022)  in the series.  Keep 'em coming!

I received an ARC from the author, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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