Gateway to Love

Title: Gateway to Love
Author: Sarah Hadley Brook
Publisher:  JMS Books
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 106
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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Best friends Craig and Mitchell are newly graduated and on the cusp of starting jobs (Mitch in West Virginia and Craig in California) but before they go their separate ways, Craig suggests a road trip through Missouri. Mitch has loved Craig desperately for four years, while bisexual Craig realized about a year ago that he was falling in love with Mitch. But ... [big sigh] ... neither man knows how to tell the other of their feelings.

Each and every day of their trip, Craig and Mitch struggle with using their words and while they turn the corner from friends to lovers in a series of steamy scenes, they are no closer to revealing their hearts. Mitch offers up a lame "what happens on a road trip, stays on a road trip, right?" while Craig at several destinations on their trip, announces to people they meet that they are pretend boyfriends or fiances, and then apologies with a "I was just ... goofing around." Aarrgghh ... around 90% of the story, they are still not talking about their feelings. But finally the boys gets their HEA and an epilogue gives the story its sweet ending.

The author does a nice job of showing fun and interesting tourist stops throughout the state of Missouri and I enjoyed the tour very much. I could have done without a lot of Craig and Mitchell's internal agonizing and second-guessing, but I liked the ending and give "Gateway to Love" 3.5 stars.

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