The Accidental Baker

Title: The Accidental Baker
Author: Clare London
Publisher: Jocular Press
Release Date: April 20, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Holidays
Page Count: 64
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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Clare London's novella features four (4) short interconnecting stories, all centering around some Easter chocolates which "spill onto the pavement of a small parade of local shops - and go on a matchmaking like no other!"

Donnie is a sweet guy who spends his spare time helping others and is preparing some Easter chocolates for the kids of the housing estate. He meets a kind man with salt & pepper hair, the local vet, who comes to his aid when the chocolates escape from his basket.

 Simon is recovering from a horrible ex who ruined his bakery business by disappearing with their money. In dropping by his former business to pick up equipment, he runs into Trevor, a fellow sugarcraft creative specializing in cupcakes, and looking for a partner in his new business, and maybe in life as well.

Socially awkward Eric meets homeless Jez when Jez saves Eric from bullying. They spent some time together chatting and telling jokes, and discovering one of Donnie's chocolate Easter eggs that rolled into Jez' spot in the doorway of the deserted hardware store.

And jaded cynical Henry finally meets a man, sweet kind Abi, who sees beyond his brittle bitchiness and helps him realize "there's nothing wrong with being kind, generous, encouraging. In being pleasant. In listening to others, not always looking for ways to score points."

There's no sex here, but plenty of sweetness and second chances. 4 stars for "The Accidental Baker."

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