Warm Heart (Search and Rescue #1)

Title: Warm Heart (Search and Rescue#1) (Dreamspun Desires Book 86)
Author: Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: July 16, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 226
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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Tevyn Moore ("shoulder-length curly blond hair flying, lithe, powerful athlete's body gyrating [with] a smile and a booty bump for everybody") has three Olympic medals and four World Championships but what he really longs for is his financial advisor, the sensible, stable guy who manages his finances and makes it possible for Tevyn to care for his beloved grandmother. However that hasn't stopped Tevyn from getting laid a lot ... "these guys [...] and girls - they're, you know, dance partners who got naked."

Mallory Armstrong is solid and rooted - "he was concrete when Tevyn was air" - while nurturing his "pathetic old-man crush" for five years and comparing every man he meets to Tevyn. And when Tevyn, Mallory and their pilot Damien crash on a snowy mountaintop, everything changes in a big hurry. Even though this book features a catastrophic helicopter crash with injuries, an epic struggle for survival and a harrowing trek down the side of a mountain, "Warm Heart" still rates considerably lower on the Amy Lane Angst-o-Meter than some of her other works ("String Boys" I'm lookin' at you ....).

The story really holds your interest as the men work together to survive and find a way back home. After five years of basically foreplay, Tevyn and Mal are all-in on their relationship and their chemistry burns hot in a sexy handful of scenes. About 65% of the book is the escape down the mountain (which personally feels just a bit too elongated), while the remainder rapidly deals with the loss of Tevyn's grandmother, establishes the relationship between Damien and Preston for the next book in the series, quickly introduces some conflict in the person of Mal's very irritating business partner / former lover Charlie, and then gives us what is undeniably a perfectly lovely happy ending. 4 stars for this enjoyable read.
... love was always worth the risk, and that faith could be rewarded, and that whether you stayed on the mountain or came down, what mattered was you did it together.

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