Sky Full of Mysteries

Title: Sky Full of Mysteries
Author: Rick R. Reed
Publisher:  NineStar Press (Republished)
Release Date: January 27, 2020
Genre(s): SciFi Romance
Page Count: 220
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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Sky Full of Mysteries is being reissued by NineStar Press.  

Holy crap. I read this book in one day, in one fell swoop .... and I needed to let it settle through my brain before I wrote a review. I loved "Sky Full of Mysteries" as the plot draws you in bit by bit, like the slow pull of the line as a master storyteller steadily reels you in. And I hated "Sky Full of Mysteries" perhaps because there is no right answer and no entirely happy ending, just as there is no right answer in life. I mean, the answer to the universe may be 42 after all, or maybe it's all a series of possibilities, of chance, of different paths.

I won't reiterate the blurb here, but suffice it to say the plot is absolutely compelling and holds your interest every page of the way. Reed does a beautiful job of creating characters with emotional depth, flaws and foibles. I love how Reed contrasts Cole and Rory's sexual sizzle at the beginning of their relationship, and the rich sustaining passion of the 20 year partnership Cole and Tommy share. My only small niggle in this tale was Rory's mother's reaction. I didn't quite understand her rationale (don't want to do a spoiler here).

Without giving too much away, the last quarter of the book and the ending is ... difficult. By framing this story as science fiction / paranormal / "aliens took him up in the spaceship," I believe Reed allows us to take a look at our own ideas about love and its possibilities. Do we go through life carefully guarding an inviolable part of ourselves wondering "what if?" What if, in the giant flowchart of our lives, we had picked Door B rather than A? What if that first love, with its heady blend of infinite possibilities and incredible sex, worked out exactly the way you hoped and dreamed? What if karma or the universe gives us the gift we truly need, although we may not want it when we receive it? What do we do with the possibilities we are handed in this life?

The writing here is stellar, with a plot that takes us on a path we may not be ready to traverse. I think readers will either love or hate the ending but I highly recommend "Sky Full of Mysteries" and give it 5 stars.

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