Till Death Do Us Part (Poireaut & Di Angeli #1) COMING SOON!

Title: Till Death Do Us Part (Poireaut & Di Angeli #1)
Author: Dieter Moitzi
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 24, 2020
Genre(s): Murder / Mystery
Page Count: 305

Rating: ?? stars out of 5

I first met Dieter Moitzi when we were both reviewers on the blog Gay Book Reviews.  GBR is sadly no longer, but we have kept in contact and I am excited to be reading an ARC of Dieter's latest book, which will be published in June.  Watch for my review - coming soon!

Come on board the Queen of Egypt and discover this new murder mystery full of witty dialogs, funny situations, and blooming love! Already short-listed for the French Gay Book Award 2020!

When Auntie Agathe invites Raphaël Poireaut, a young Parisian bartender, on a Nile cruise, he isn’t really thrilled. To stare at old stones together with a bunch of old codgers—why, thanks for the gift. Unsurprisingly the trip starts off badly enough. Not only does Raphaël have an unnerving confrontation with a handsome but standoffish and haughty Italian guy, but he has barely stepped on board the cruise ship when he stumbles upon a tourist… who has been stabbed to death.

The young Venetian Stefano di Angeli agrees to spend his vacation in Egypt with his best friend Grazia. He hasn’t had holidays for six years. But his first encounter with a young, angel-faced, curly-haired Frenchie brings back painful memories. Besides, what could be worse to start a Nile cruise than to discover a murder has been committed on board? Cazzo—fate seems to bear him a grudge!

While the Egyptian police led by Colonel Al-Qaïb are investigating the murder, Raphaël and Stefano find themselves swept away by the events… and by the blooming feelings that inexorably draw them closer. Will they manage to sort out the truth from the lies and find the murderer? Will they be able to resist this mutual attraction that seems to overwhelm them against their wills?

A new, funny and light adventure by the author of The Stuffed Coffin, the French version of which has won the French Gay Murder Mystery Award 2019.

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