Secret at Skull House (Secrets and Scrabble #2)

Title: Secret at Skull House
Author: Josh Lanyon
Publisher: JustJoshin Publications
Release Date: April 28, 2020
Genre(s): M/M Cozy Mystery
Page Count: 208
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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This second book in Josh Lanyon's M/M cozy mystery series is a delight. While the first book understandably spent a lot of time introducing the town of Pirate's Cove and its quirky murderous townsfolk, this book focuses more on the slow-burn relationship between Ellery Page and Police Chief Jack Carson.

For a "no sex, no gore" genre, Lanyon manages to pack in a lot of sexual tension and possibilities, as well as one of Ellery's ex-boyfriends, Brandon Abbott who buys Skull House, and promptly ends up murdered. Brandon is a strange character and not particularly fleshed-out, but he serves as a good device to uncover a set of unsolved murders from twenty years ago that may be linked to Brandon's murder.

Maybe it's me, but the murder mystery didn't particularly grab me, but I will definitely look forward to the next book in the series, if only to find out what's going on with Jack and Ellery. 4 stars.

I received an ARC from the author, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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